Thank you for visiting Impulse Lights, we are a small business based out of southern Oregon that is doing big things in the L.E.D. lighting field. We cater to customers from all around the world, so if your not local don't worry we can solve your lighting problems today. We are proud to offer you some of the finest L.E.D. lighting solutions available on the open market. We are able to do this by focusing all our energy and resources soley on fusing the latest emerging lighting technologies into a product line up that is extremely well built, long lasting, superior in optical quality and unrivaled by any with a truly comprehensive warranty backed by our dependable support.

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How to Choose an LED Light Bar or Driving Light

How to Choose an LED Light Bar or Driving Light

Not sure which light(s) you need? Read this!
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Are Impulse Lights Bright?

on 28 Feb 2015
We know your trying to figure out if our lights are bright. Maybe this will help you decide.
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Offroad Testing

on 27 Feb 2015
Here at Impulse Lights we don't just sell lights. We use them, and we know you will to. Which is why we are constantly using and testing our lights in the harshest and most severe of conditions in order to showcase the level of engineering and prove to you the level of quality we bring to the table for you to utilize in the most innovative ways possible today. More videos coming soon.
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LED driving lights install and comparison

by Bleepin Jeep on 11 Feb 2015
In this video Tim shares a few good tips and tricks to mounting LED lights on his Jeep. He also reviews the build quality, and shows us what it is like to take them out at night for the first time.
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